Our Brush Kit is the perfect gift for any occasion. This travel-friendly 7 piece brush set was curated so you could have all the tools necessary to achieve any look.


• Blush Brush

• Concealer Brush

• Eyeshadow Blending Brush

• Eyeshadow Crease Brush

• Angle Brush

• Lip Brush

• Lash & Brow Groomer Brush

Brush Kit

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Blush Brush

The blush brush is excellent for blush, but other face powders as well.

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is perfect for applying concealer under the eyes and also over small skin details.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Ideal for blending transitional eyeshadow shades in order to create a smooth finish.

Crease Brush

The Crease Brush is a detail brush for the inner corners of your eyes and is meant to deepen the eye crease.

Angle Brush

Our angle brush is extremely versatile and can be used to fill in eyebrows or highlight brows, eyeliner, concealer clean up, and lipstick application.

Lip Brush

Our lip brush isn't limited to lips. It can also be used as a smudger brush, and a clean-up brush for softer lines.

Lash & Brow Groomer

Not only can our groomer be used to fix stray hairs for a more put-together look, it can be used to blend the eyebrow or declump eyelashes.

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