Medium Coverage Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

A new tutorial coming atcha! This one is about how to do a Medium Coverage Makeup look using our reformulated BB Cream and Full Coverage Concealer.

Sometimes we all need a little more coverage, whether that's from break outs, dark circles, or whatever it may be. We're going to show you how to do that while keeping your skin dewey and fresh!

Using two pumps of BB Cream, combined with our Full Coverage Liquid Concealer (a tiny bit you do not need a lot) in targeted areas on your face, you will achieve the coverage you want or need! Set the concealer with a little bit of translucent powder and you've got your base!

I went on to add a little eyeshadow, and used our Cheek Palette to finish up the look!

Products Used:


BB Cream

Full Coverage Concealer

Translucent Powder

Thanks for watching guys! I hope this gives you some helpful tips and as always be sure to subscribe, like and comment on this video!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments too.

XO Melissa

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