Eyeshadow Blending 101

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Hey Friends!!

Today we are learning the basics of eyeshadow blending!

Let me teach you the ways of creating smooth transitions for seamless, defined and bright eyes. Hope you love this eyeshadow blending tutorial!

Thanks for watching our Back to Basics: Eyeshadows Blending 101tutorial

Questions? Please feel free to ask away, we are here to walk you through.

The trick with blending is all about technique more than anything. If you blend with a clean brush you end up taking product off. If you blend with product on the brush, your results will consist of combining products to create a smooth transition between shades. Which is always the goal! This shape of eyeshadow application [side to side] works best for most eye shapes. Don't be afraid to try various colors and play around.

Products Used:

Single Eyeshadow - Wine Rhine

Single Eyeshadow - Chestnut

Single Eyeshadow - Black Coffee

Thanks for watching

XOXO Melissa & the Front Row Team

Credit: Camera & Editor : Rachel Fusco

Music: Corey Gagne https:m.soundcloud.com/coreygagne

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