Brows 101

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Hi friends,

Today we are showing you our go to Basic Eyebrow Tutorial! No matter your brow shape, you can achieve thicker looking brows!

Brows are the frame of our face.

Considering I have black hair you would think I have thick brows, SIKE!! As you can see I have hair but it's very sparse and thin. However, with a few products and some techniques, I have perfected over my 15+ years as a makeup artist on how to create my faux full brows!

Using Front Row's Duo Brow Pencil and Cream Concealer this is my everyday brow. It doesn't take much time once you figure out your outline.

Tip - When creating your brow don't be afraid to draw it in extra dark. When you use your spoolie to blend, it will soften the color and give you a color shade that works best for you. Hope this helps!! Any questions comment below :)

Products used: Duo Brow Pencil - Dark Brown

Cream Concealer - #7

XOXO Melissa S

Camera/ Editor : Rachel Fusco

Music: Skates Beats

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