Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter Tutorial

A new Back to Basics tutorial using our Cheek Palette! I shows you how to maximize the Cheek Palette for your skin tone and where to place Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter.

Using the Cheek Palette, I will show you my tips and tricks for proper placement on your face. Just using BB Cream or Concealer is great, but Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter will help shape and bring definition to your face.

Each color in this palette is created with a different undertone for use on different skin tones. I walk you through each shade and which colors work best. In this palette we have 2 distinct blushes, 2 distinct bronzers, 1 that can be a blush or bronzer (depending on skin tone), and one universal highlight.

Follow along with me as I show you how to use this awesome palette!

Cheek Palette

Thank you for watching! We hope you got some helpful tips from this tutorial. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment on this video! We have tons more tutorials coming so stay tuned!

XO Melissa

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