Our Mission

At Front Row Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality products and the peace of mind that our products are free from any harsh ingredients. We provide products that are held to the strictest regulations in the cosmetic industry, with better labeling practices, and a ban on over 1,300 ingredients means that our cosmetics are clean, safe and never tested on animals.

Front Row Cosmetics values clean, simple makeup giving you the creativity and education to feel confident in what you wear. We are reliable and dedicated to giving you the best products and makeup buying experience to create an effortless look. 

Our Founder

Raleigh transplant, Melissa Small, is a professional makeup artist originally from Brooklyn, NY with over ten years of experience. Her portfolio includes film, multi-media, and personal clients. She previously worked at a robotics company that focused on Mars exploration. Always an avid illustrator and lover of arts, she later began working at MAC Cosmetics in her spare time and after her first client, she fell in love. Soon after, she found her destined path as the founder of Front Row Cosmetics, an indie beauty counter whose mission is to educate men and women on how to do their own makeup, so that they can feel their most confident self. 

"It's a beautiful thing to be able to see someone's confidence boost with only a makeup brush and a few products."

-Melissa Small

Chief Operating Officer 

Rachel Fusco has been with FRC for over 2 years now. With a passion for makeup, she started by creating the FRC YouTube page and has evolved with the company to become the Chief Operating Officer. With a BA in Video Production she fell in love with the possiblity to be a storyteller using media such as photography and video. She combines her love of makeup and storytelling to help spread the Front Row Cosmetics message to our current, new and future clients.


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